NURS300 Professional Transitions In Nursing


Write a short essay responding to the following prompt. First, read the article “Impact of Doctor of Nursing Practice Education in Shaping Health Care Systems for the Future,” which you should reference in your essay. You should submit your response as a Word document.
According to the article “Impact of Doctor of Nursing Practice Education in Shaping Health Care Systems for the Future,” The Institute for Medicine has identified the need for “new models of health care delivery and health professions education” and “called for several improvements that demand greater skill and knowledge from nurses” (423). The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is a crucial part of achieving these goals.
Given your educational background, your professional experience, and your understanding of DNP programs, how can this degree contribute to improving the practice of nursing on a long-term and day-to-day basis. While you are expected to use the article in your discussion, this is your essay, so you should emphasize your argument and your ideas, using the article primarily as support where relevant.
Audience Expectations section of the Writing Express, and apply what you have learned as you write your paper. Personal narrative is not appropriate for this assignment; rather, include your own critical and analytical ideas based on your knowledge, education, background, and experiences. Because this is a relatively short essay, do not attempt to address every aspect of the DNP degree’s impact on nurses. Instead, focus on two or three areas you think most important. Research and outside sources are not required for this essay; use only the resource provided. Research and incorporating sources are covered in future units.
Your essay will be evaluated on your general writing ability and on how well you meet the following expectations of academic writing discussed in this unit:
Paper offers a clear, explicit, and direct discussion of the topic
The language used is appropriate to the academic community
The introduction clearly identifies the topic and establishes a specific argument
The tone is objective in keeping with the scientific academic audience
The paper incorporates the source effectively, using it as part of a meaningful discussion of the topic.
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