NURS23111 Principles Of Adult Critical And Intensive Care Nursing


Developing A Care Plan For Optimal Health Outcomes For People With Chronic And Healthcare Needs

  1. Provide a summary of policy and evidence supporting optimal care delivery for people with chronic and complex health care needs in relation to cardiovascular disease in AUSTRALIA
  2. With the provided case scenario, students consider the recommendations for the patient and their family’s care within one particular local health district within Sydney. This is informed by the summary from part A and enhanced by investigation into local resources available, specific to a designed area health service.

Case study

Harry is a 68-year-old man who lives alone in a suburb in the Central Coast Local Health District. His wife of 49 years died five years ago. He has five children, four of whom are married with children and live some distance away from him. Harry has one son who is single and has never married. He lives in the same locality as Harry and visits him at least weekly, during football season they watch the game together.  Harry shops at his local Woolworths where he purchases frozen ready to cook meals as he finds that fresh produce spoils in his fridge. Harry takes pride in his rose garden and ensures his lawn is always well manicured.

Harry was diagnosed with a chronic condition some time ago. Although he has struggled at times to cope with this condition until recently, he has managed to maintain a full and active life. Recently Harry has stopped going to the Bowling Club and attending the Men’s Shed of which he is a foundation member. When asked Harry feels that his health can no longer manage these trips. Harry’s children have developed a belief that Harry has become a hypochondriac over the last four year and attributed this to him being lonely since the passing of his wife.

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