NURS2201 Foundations Of Professional Practice 2B


A Review of Asthma

A Review of Inhaled Medication and Administration Devices Available

Adherence issues in Asthma Management

NPS MedicineWise Learning

COPD: navigating inhaled medicines management

There are more than a dozen different inhaled medicines for COPD and multiple devices. How can you help your patients get the best out of theirs?

Unlocking asthma inhaler technique

The majority of patients do not use their asthma inhaler device correctly – engage them with conversations and demonstrations of correct technique.

Asthma: optimising asthma control in children

A 4 year old diagnosed with asthma 6 months ago presents with worsening asthma symptoms. This free CPD activity is a case study on optimising asthma control in children.

Difficult-to-treat and severe asthma: changing the paradigm

Watch an expert panel in discussion on new therapies, and how to identify and manage difficult-to-treat and severe asthma.

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