NURS2006 Clinical Practice Improvement Project Report


Resources relating to commonly used CPI tools
A CPI template that you must type your CPI paper into.
You will be required to use the online library databases to locate a minimum of eight (8) secondary literature sources that closely related to your selected nursing issue (falls prevention).

• systematic literature review, Cochrane review
• practice guidelines
• clinical protocol or guideline
• government report
• position paper of guideline from a reliable web-based resource (e.g. The Heart Foundation or the ARC etc).
You must use only secondary sources of a peer-reviewed article.
You will be required to construct a CPI report using the supplied CPI template (available on FLO). In order to pass this assignment, you must successfully address each of the criteria outlined on the Assignment 5 marking rubric which is available on FLO.
This assignment is a plan, not a report of findings, also 1-2 intervention only.
Discuss a nursing-related issue you choose (falls prevention education among elderly patient during and after hospitalization)
Discuss how nurses should educate elderly people about falls and how to prevent falls
Discuss how nurses should educate elderly people about the consequences of falls, also risk factors of falls
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