NURS2000 Behavioural Responses To Chronic Illnes


You are required to submit your assessments to Blackboard via Turnitin. Turnitin is used at Curtin to help students identify academic integrity issues and therefore avoid potential plagiarism. Turnitin is “an electronic text matching system that compares text in a student assessment against electronic text on the Internet, in published works, on commercial databases, and in assessments previously submitted to Turnitin by students in universities all over the world, including assessment obtained from internet sites that sell student papers”. For more information, view Curtin’s Turnitin for Students web page. When you submit a paper to Turnitin, an Originality Report is generated, highlighting the passages of text that are not original. Each highlighted passage is linked to the original source or other secondary sources that also match. The proportion of your paper that matches to the sources in the Turnitin database is reported as the Similarity Index. Curtin does not define a ‘safe’ level for the similarity index or percentage nor is there a level that signals that plagiarism has occurred – you must look at the highlighting in the report itself. You will have an opportunity to submit a draft assessment and review the Originality Report, which will enable you to refine, edit, and remove plagiarised material prior to submitting your final assessment. Only the final assessment will be marked. Please also be mindful of self-plagiarism; you cannot reuse work which you have previously submitted for assessment in this unit or in other units. Markers will also be carefully checking your source literature to ensure that you are accurately reflecting and paraphrasing/quoting from the source you are citing. It is very important that you do not fabricate or falsely attribute content or ideas to the literature you cite as this is one of the most serious breaches of Academic Integrity.
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