NURS13137 Outward Bound Nursing Studies


The Australian National Health Priority Areas (NHPA’s) highlight areas where primary health care is essential for improving health outcomes in the future.

This information is often presented as an educational activity by registered nurses.

Your assessment will be based around the NHPA of either, diabetes mellitus Or obesity.

Scenarios: Thursday Island.  

Thursday Island is the main centre of all the Australian Islands between Cape York and mainland New Guinea.  In 2011, the population of Thursday Island was recorded as 2610 people with 64.6% of the residents identifying as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  As part of your placement, you travel to outlying islands to offer clinics to the residents.  While you are there, you take part in an Adult Diabetes Clinic.  You note that most of the patients have identified as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.  

You speak to your preceptor, John, and ask if you can do an education session on diabetes for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  John tells you, “Yes, however, you must first identify and justify the need for such an event with your evidence.  After all, we are an evidence-based profession”.

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