NURS1125 Foundations For Nursing Practice


Hand Hygiene

Healthcare associated infections (HCAI) can impact patient safety and lead to increased morbidity and mortality as well as adding to the costs of care. Proper hand hygiene has been identified as one of the most effective means to prevent and control the incidence of healthcare associated infections. However compliance is often an issue with clinical staff often not adhering to guidelines related to infection control and hand hygiene. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has developed guidelines in relation to hand hygiene and infection control. You can download this to read.

One aspect of reducing HCAI is to understand the mechanisms by which infections may be spread and secondly to implement strategies such as hand hygiene to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

What you need to do for this assignment

In this assignment you need to identify the mechanisms of how infections may be spread in the healthcare environment and review the evidence for specific actions that can be undertaken to reduce or prevent the spread HCAI’s. Then examine the evidence for different strategies used to ensure hand hygiene compliance.

How will I do this?

You need to search some of the library databases of electronic journals for recent publications related to Infection control, in particular the evidence for hand hygiene and the different approaches to hand hygiene.

Do a search for publications on this area that are less than 5 years old (there are many studies on hand hygiene) on hand hygiene and hand hygiene compliance. Use the evidence to support your discussion.

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