NURS1103 : NURSING Assignment


Module 1

Distinguish the roles and responsibilities of a nurse in the selected specialty practice area. [LO 1]

In this module you will explore the role of the specialist nurse.

You will be asked identify some of the physical and emotional safety issues related to the specialty and determine some strategies you can use to keep yourself (and your patient) safe.

The module will conclude with an examination of the legal aspects associated with the specialty, both in terms of your responsibilities and the responsibilities of the employer.

In Australia, specialist nursing usually requires a post-graduate qualification (Jokiniemi, Pietilä, Kylmä & Haatainen, 2012). However, as registered Nurses you can work in any area of nursing, so what defines specialty practice?  What is the difference between a nurse practitioner and an advanced practice nurse as opposed to someone who has worked in same clinical area for 10 years or someone who has a postgraduate certificate or Diploma in specialty area?

Module 2 

Activities and Readings

Where do carers stand in healthcare law and ethics?  It is important to understand that while the holistic approach to healthcare is preferred it is hard to balance the rights of all parties.  What is the nurse’s role in ensuring carers and patients/clients have a say and that all opinions are respected?  Sharing of information is fundamental to this consideration.  The carers play an important role in providing information to health care professionals but do they have any rights to be considered in the decision making of care if there is no legal directive?  The patient/client has rights but do the carers have rights as well?  Further to this ethical dilemma, theories are often at the foundation of nurse’s approach to care.  Ethics of Care theory claims that moral agents (carers, clients, health care professionals and institutions) are not separate entities and that the application of universal ethics is not inappropriate.  This theory is based on consensus ethics which incorporates the views of all involved in care (Buchanan, Cooper & Fielding et. al, 2012).

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