NURS1102 : Nursing Practice In Primary Health Care


Part A 

1. Provide the definition and philosophy of primary health care
2. Define health and describe the health illness continuum
3. Discuss two primary health prevention strategies for the following Australian environmental health issues: Asbestosis and Melanoma Eow
4. Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) Is the leading health challenge facing Australian communities. 
a) Discuss the clinical manifestations (signs & symptoms) of this disorder
b) Discuss the physical, psychological and social impacts on daily living activities for the individual with CHD
c) Discuss preventative, curative and rehabilitative forms of service delivery for the individual with CHD id) Provide two community and two in-hospital resources for the individual with CHD. Discuss the role of the resource/service and the benefit for the individual. 
5 Identify and describe two types of literature and two professional bodies associated with the primary health care management of CHD 

Part B

1. Review Leitha’s medication and give an overview of the conditions the medication treat nursing considorations. 
2. Discuss the tests and investigations that you think Leitha should have attended
3. Complete a care plan for Leitha based on the scenario above. The care plan must include a discussion of two actual and two potential problems.
4. Identify community resources available for Leitha. 
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