NURS1007 Dimensions Of Physical And Mental Health


Georgia – Anxiety Case Study


Georgia is a 22 year old university student who is feeling unable to cope with the stresses in her life at the moment. She is currently in her third year studying Psychology but has had to change from full-time to part-time this semester as she feels overwhelmed by the workload. She describes difficulty concentrating on her study and finds it very difficult to complete assignments on time. Whenever she has exams or assignments due she feels panicky and worries that she will fail the assessment. She describes feeling short of breath, can feel her heart pounding in her chest, and has a sense of impending doom.

Georgia lives alone in a small flat near to the university because she does not drive a car. She has attempted to get her driver’s licence in the past but found the driving test too stressful and when she almost had an accident during her second test, she decided not to try for it again.

Georgia describes feeling tense and anxious a lot of the time and lately she has had problems sleeping. Sometimes she lies awake for hours after going to bed and wakes feeling exhausted. Because she has been feeling so tired, she has not been going out for her usual walks in the early evening. Describes herself as quite fit usually. Weighs 59kg and is 168cm tall. HR 86; RR 22; B/P 110/75; T 36.7C.

Georgia’s parents live in the country about four hours away so she does not see them very often although she describes having a good relationship with both parents. She talks to her Mum by telephone most days. She has a 27 year old brother who is working as an executive in a large company in London. She has a few friends from high school who she meets up with from time to time although she has not seen them for three or four weeks because she has declined invitations to go out.

Georgia has not had a relationship for more than two years. She does not smoke or use illicit drugs. She occasionally drinks alcohol when she goes out with her friends. She describes feeling stressed and anxious for the past six months and her distress has become increasingly worse. She worries that she will become anxious and unable to cope “just like my mother”.

Relevant Information

•Has difficulty concentrating

•Unable to study full-time

•Short of breath, heart pounding, feeling of doom

•Sleep impaired

•Feels fatigued

•Has few supports

•No substance use; occasional alcohol

•Mother suffers anxiety

You must reflect on the case study information and identify the knowledge and skills they would need in order to provide health care to that person. You are required to include rationale for choices, connection between mental and physical health and why the chosen interventions are appropriate, considering implications for contemporary practice.

You are suppose to develop an discussion focusing on the chosen person in the case study.

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