NURS10061 Essential Skills For Nursing Practice 1


Current Social Situation (Give details of the patients current social situation, who they live with, any dependents (including pets), what type of accommodation they have and whether they are having difficulty with this accommodation)

Violet is an 82 year old woman, who lives alone with her cat. She is a widow and loves gardening has a daughter called Eve, who lives down the road to her house.  Violet lives in a flat.

Violet has a couple of falls. She is on Amlodipine 5m for hypertension

Suitability of Accommodation (give details about access to the accommodation,  whether there are stairs, are bathrooms and toilets are up or downstairs etc)  

There are stairs in Violets’ flat,

Nursing Care Plan – original to be retained by the patient

Patients Name    NHS          Number Date

Identified Patient Problem



Evaluation Date

Problem 1 :

Postural hypotension and risk of falls


Problem 2:

Nutrition Violet has lost 4kg in 3months. From 60kg to 56kg




Problem 3:

Mobility Violet uses furniture in her  house to mobilise

To ensure the postural hypotension is resolved.



To ensure violet put some weight back on and not lose any more weight.






To ensure Violet is safe around her home.

Talk about falls in elderly patients. Please link it to how a change in medication can help violet reduce falls and how postural hypotension can lead to fall in Violet if left untreated. Please also talk about how Violet is a risk of having hypothermia because she lives alone. If she falls and no one finds her on time) Harvard style referencing please.

Please talk about how to use the MUST tool in assessing a patients’ nutrition and how it can help violet to adjust her diet. Violet states that she does not like to eat a lot. How an increase in protein intake can help gain weight with references.





A referral to occupational therapist and physiotherapist. Please mention how these referrals can ensure a (Violets safety) patients safety.






You need to use the Template which can be found on blackboard

You need to consider Activities of Daily Living (ADLS) for the individual that you have chosen (Violet or Bartek)

Identify 3-4 Patient Problems from your assessment and identify what you plan to do as a result of this

Remember to consider Person and Family Centred Care in your plan














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