NURS1003 Imagining Health In Social And Cultural Contexts 2


One of the challenges facing health professionals is providing health and social support to vulnerable groups, including those who are marginalised on the basis of identity, association, experience and lifestyle. Marginalisation is the social process of being made marginal (being separated from the rest of society, occupying the fringes, and of lower social standing). Marginalisation, which is often the outcome of stigmatisation and discrimination, has a negative impact on health because marginalised people have poor access to the social determinants of health.

This assignment will provide students with an opportunity to understand the impact of marginalisation on vulnerable populations in Australian society and to propose processes for ameliorating the effects of marginalisation on health and wellbeing.

Students will be allocated to a presentation group during the semester and groups will be provided with access to their group members through the Blackboard function, “My Groups”. Group members should make contact with each other to start organising tasks and the group process. Each group will develop a presentation based on a marginalised population. The presentations will critically analyse (i.e., not just describe) the health and social status of the marginalised population, with reference to:


The role of the three sectors: government, private and civil society to the refugee people in Australia. (which includes non-government organisations)

Note: (script for 4 min and 5 Slides)

  • Please build one Power point presentation
  • Script in the Microsoft word document
  • Please use key topic in every slide .
  • Use picture or diagram if necessary. (Please provide reference and link if you use picture from internet).

 Introduction (all group members are responsible for the content in the introduction and conclusion)

• The title slide should clearly identify the marginalised population and the names of the students who have contributed to the presentation.

• Use the Introduction to tell the audience about your main stance or position on the needs of the marginalised group. In other words, provide a thesis statement: What are the main health issues? What would improve the current situation?

• Do not use the Introduction to provide a Table of Contents (your tutor and the audience already know what you will cover, generally).


Students will need to briefly define key terms as they apply to their marginalised population. Also, you need to search academic literature, government and non-government sources, including web-based reports. The content areas may overlap, so group members will need to share information with each other and develop a coherent and comprehensive presentation. Your presentation will:

• Critically discuss issues and factors contributing to the marginalisation, stigma and/ or discrimination of your allocated population in Australian society.

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