NURS1002 Fundamentals Of Nursing Practice


For this assessment you are investigating a screening program for one of the following health issues. You are required to write an evidence based report that either supports or rejects the continuation of the screening program for this problem.

Health issue: Cancer Control

Breast Cancer

Health issue: Diabetes Mellitus

Type 2 Diabetes

Health issue: Obesity


Write an evidence based report on your chosen priority area from the list above using the following guidelines.

  • Introduce your chosen topic and describe the rationale for the screening project.
  • Provide evidence of the benefits that this screening project provides our local community.
  • Discuss the appropriate health history questions relevant to a client accessing this screening program
  • Summarise the health promotion messages/education that you would provide to your client undergoing this specific screening
  • Provide one local and two online resources that you can refer your client to for further information.
  • Conclude by making recommendation towards continuation or cessation of this screening project.
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