NURS1000 Foundations Of Nursing Practice



For this Assessment imagine that you are a student nurse on clinical placement at an orthopaedic outpatient clinic in the city where Jason is attending his 3 week check-up following his injury, his parents are with him. You are working with the registered nurse during the assessment.

1.Establishing a person centred, therapeutic relationship is essential in the provision of nursing care. Identify the purpose and benefits of the therapeutic relationship for both the nurse and the patient.

2.Taking into account Jason’s situation, what would you identify as potential barriers to communication with Jason in this setting?

3.Define and explain two verbal and two non-verbal communication techniques you would use when communicating with Jason to encourage open and honest communication.

Jason’s parents leave the room for a moment, when they do, he turns to you and says;

‘I feel so crap, I think I have really blown it this time, my parents are really angry with me and Ashley will probably never talk to me again’

Consider this (above) comment and answer the following;

4.a) Define and explain what is meant by the term ‘empathy’.

b.Describe how you would respond to Jason in an empathetic manner. Include in your answer a description of your non-verbal actions AND a verbal response. When discussing the verbal response include a suggested verbal response as a quote, in quotation marks.

5.Eleven functional health patterns are considered as part of Gordon’s functional health assessment (1982).

a.Outline the purpose of this model of data collection

b.Review the information in the case scenario and identify TWO (2) functional health patterns that you consider to be lacking information. For each of the functional health patterns you identified, present TWO (2) further questions you would ask Michael.

6.Taking into account the information provided in Jason’s case, identify THREE (3) nursing focused actual or potential health problems that Jason may be at risk of. Provide a brief explanation for each and identify (from the subjective and objective data in Jason’s case scenario) why he may be at risk of the health problem.

7.Identify TWO (2) of the Australian and Midwifery Board of Australia (2016) Registered nurse standards for practice that you have met by caring for Jason (in this case study) and briefly explain how you have met each standard.

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