NURS 700 Advanced Nursing Theory


Develop a model of care for clinical the practice that allows for a continuous improvement in nursing care at the Fundación Santa Fe University Hospital in de Bogotá (FSFB). Materials and methodology: This is a descriptive methodological study developed in sequential phases that included:

1) identification of the need to have a model of care for nursing practice;

2) a characterization of the context and the desired scenario;

3) a literature review;

4) a description of the model; and

5) validation of the theoretical proposal. The study was conducted in 2016.

The global trend in the use of nursing models in clinical practice recognizes common aspects and emphasizes relevance, methodologies and different roles in their implementation.

The context and projection of excellence for nursing at the FSFB necessitated the evident orientation of a model for the practice that guides care and responds to the vocation of service centered on the experience of human health.

The model known as “Nursing Care with a Human Approach” helps to understand and communicate the essential components of nursing at the institutional level. It also develops parameters to measure and qualify nursing practice at the FSFB on a permanent basis.

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