NURS 5133 Wound Management


  1. It is the nurse’s responsibility to observe and document healing progress. With regard to a surgical wound with staples insitu, what 5 specific observations would you make? 
  1. State 5 criteria you would use in evaluating the effectiveness of wound management strategies.
  1. State 5 criteria you would use in assessing the effectiveness of a dressing product for a particular wound taking into consideration cost effective framework.
  1. Ulcers occurring on the lower leg may be complex in their aetiology and are a sign of underlying disease, trauma or allergic response.  Define the following types of ulcers that typically occur on the lower leg indicate what type of treatment would be used on each type of ulcer, for example compression therapy:
  1. Arterial ulcers
  2. Venous ulcers
  3. Mixed Arterial/Venous
  4. Neuropathic ulcerating wound
  5. What is Doppler Ultrasound used for
  1. Pressure Injury is one of the most common hospital acquired injuries. In order to accurately assess the depth of a Pressure Injury we utilise a 5 stage assessment model. State the key characteristics for each of the five stages.
  1. State the 3 principle causes of Pressure Injury and include a brief description of how each cause contributes to the development of a Pressure Injury.
  1.  State 3 intrinsic factors that may lead to a person sustaining a Pressure Injury.
  1.  Skin Tears are the most commonly acquired traumatic wound by people living in residential aged care.  a) State the name of the classification system used to identify the severity of a skin tear b) List the 3 categories of Skin Tear and state the assessment criteria for each c) State the 3 most appropriate dressing categories to be used for dressing skin tears.
  1.  Your patient had skin graft to his lower left leg which has taken well. The order is daily dressing and weekly wound measurement. His donor site is on right thigh, covered with dry dressing which is now oozing through. The order is not to disturb the dressing for another 5 days. What are you going to do? Which members of the interdisciplinary team are you going to consult about this issue?
  1. Find current nursing article from the Clinical Key On line library on wound management which discusses best practice and latest research and attach to the assessment. Write a short summary and why you chose the article.
  1.  Under what circumstances you will see wound drain and why?
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