NURS 438 Trends And Issues In Nursing And Health Systems


Topic Mandatory overtime

The purpose of this assignment is to:

Develop skills in analyzing media-presented issues related to the nursing profession and nursing practice , and explore the public perception of nurses and the nursing profession.
focus on a current issue in nursing; and examine this issue in the context of written opinions expressed through three separate types of media.

Issues are often value laden; issues in health care and in nursing are no different. Concerns about the state of our health care system and the state of nursing in Canada have been discussed at length within the media, government, and nursing organizations. While it is often difficult to differentiate fact from fiction and opinion, public opinion is often influenced by what is written in the popular press or on the Internet.


Find three articles on the same issue/topic.

One of the articles must be from a popular periodical or media source, preferably something you may have at home (such as Macleans, Time, Reader’s Digest, or your local newspaper – either print based or online version) or CBC, CTV, or CNN online articles.

Your second article must be from a scholarly periodical either print version [e.g. The Canadian Nurse] or retrieved from a database [e.g. AU Library, CINAHL, Medline, etc.].

The third article must be from a Web site that is not merely a Web version of a print source. The articles should represent a range of views; in other words, these articles should not all agree.

Respond to the three articles by:

  • Comparing the authors’ credibility, documentation, and support for claims;
  • Evaluating any disagreements or agreements between the authors; and
  • Articulating your own position on their ideas or issues. This means more than just stating your opinion; you must also explain it.
  • Describe how your personal and professional values influence your views on this issue.
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