NURS 436 Family Health Promotion


Discuss the unit content with one another and the course instructors. Your instructor evaluates your submissions to the unit conferences and your participation in the conferences affects your grade.As well as contribution to the unit conference forums there is a conference participation component of Assignment 3. Specifically you are asked to: •Post 1-2 comments in response to classmates’ presentations in the Assignment 3 Gallery.
Respond to classmates’ comments regarding your submission to the Assignment 3 Gallery.

General Guidelines for Appropriate Conference Participation
The following are general guidelines for your participation in the course forums:
Select theappropriate conference in which to post your comments (see below).
Contributeoriginal thoughts or ideas to the conferences.
Bring upnew and related perceptions regarding issues discussed.
Citerelevant sources to validate points made.
Be open todivergent points of view
Be respectful of the perceptions of others.
Integratematerial from previous units to formulate ideas and generate dialogue.
Presentresponses that follow the rules of grammar and spelling. 
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