NURS 4020 Leadership Competencies In Nursing & Healthcare


  1. During this module you have been reading about safe practice. How can you apply this information to your current practice?  Please give specifics.
  2. Define quality in your own terms and using your own ideas?
  3. After the readings about quality and care: where do you see opportunities for improvement in your practice?
  4. The Institute of Medicine defines six standards of quality health care.  Choose one and expand on it.  What does the standard mean to you?
  5. As you are reading Kegan and Lahey, how is your perspective about leadership changing?
  6. Reflect on your practice and discuss what aspects of individual leadership you use. 
  7. Discuss how you will integrate reflection into your practice.  For example, how will you get the courage to speak up and express your opinion when it may be a controversial issue?   What reflective practice skills do you want to develop further? 
  8. Give an example of when you used moral courage.
  9. Your final thoughts about the course and what you have learned? (quality improvement, Information management and leadership in healthcare)
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