NURS 3402 Evidence Based Nursing Research


Just wanted to start of by saying thank you very much for doing my assignment i really do appreciate it. Sorry for the short notice but it was because I have ordered previously on other online assignment websites and i was left extremely disappointed ; i found this website which is my last hope at the moment. I have attached two files below which have everything you need to know in order for this assignment to be completed. However there are just a few things i wanted to make clear but the rest is self explanatory. The file i have attached named “presenting your search in assignment” consists two tables which must be filled out and put into the essay itself. However, these tables DO NOT go towards the word count. In order to find the search it’s important that you must use CINAHL. Another thing I wanted to make clear is the second attachment I made which says that you need to find 8-10 articles which you must put into the search table which is attached in the first file. However in the assignment itself you will only be analysing 6. For the each of the six articles the following questions must be answered.
What was the aim of the study/ what question did the researchers want to answer?
What was the study about? What was planned to be done? How was it done?
What was found?
Implications for practice
The rest of the assignment is all self explanatory. PLEASE read assignment guidelines thoroughly and use it for guidance.If you have any question at anytime you are free to email me: Its not as complicated as it sounds just please read and follow the guidelines. Once again thank you so much for your help.
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