NURS 340 Public Health Nursing 3


The Panic Virus: The True Story Behind the Vaccine-Autism Controversy

For our final, you will be writing a paper.  You will choose 5 questions out of the 7 to answer.  Use information from scholarly, peer reviewed journal articles, the textbook, and from the Panic Virus to back up your discussion in each question. You must not use all internet references. You must include 2 journal articles.  You will be graded on the quality of your complete answers for this paper, not the time you spent on it. 


  1. The first few chapters of the book are dedicated to various communicable diseases and the issues surrounding them.  Give an example of a communicable disease that is of issue today and apply the Model of Disease Causation to its disease process.
  1. Briefly describe “herd immunity”.  Discuss how herd immunity has benefitted public health using an example of relevance today.
  1. Mnookin discusses the government’s role in vaccinations advanced “from sporadic advocacy to codified law” (p. 55), which included national immunization practices.  Discuss some issues that resulted from this mandate.  Give an example of a similar situation of relevance today and discuss the issues surrounding it.
  1. Compare and contrast the ethical issues surrounding the recommendations for immunizations in the United States.  Does the idea of benefitting the greater good balance out the freedom of the individual?  Discuss a similar controversy surrounding a vaccine relevant today and compare and contrast the ethical issues surrounding it.
  1. Discuss the difference between correlation and causation.  Give an example of each using an example from the book as well as a scenario of relevance today related to Public Health.
  1. Emotion is an undercurrent throughout the entire book.  Mnookin discusses how logic and facts often take a back seat to feelings about a situation.  Give an example of this cognitive bias discussed in the book.  Think of a recent example in Public Health where there are cognitive biases.  What are the potential benefits and dangers?  Should emotion play a part in public health policy?  Why or why not?  Defend your opinion with an example of issue today.
  1. The internet and social media has had a significant impact on Public Health and Public Health Policy.  Is this a blessing or a curse?  Give an example from the book and one example from recent literature to defend your answer.
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