The Key Questions and Issues for Learning Foundations on Nursing Research


1. Understanding the research process is a necessary skill for nurses to incorporate evidence-based practice into patient care.
2. Having a unique body of nursing knowledge is an expected outcome of nursing research.
3. The best research evidence is the empirical knowledge generated from traditions and trial and error.
4. Characteristics of qualitative research include objective, statistical analysis, cause and effect basis of nursing, and generalization.
5. The evolution of nursing research dates back to Florence Nightingale. Her research priorities were focused on:
6. Nursing research priorities in the 21st century include all but:
7. Which of the following is an example of a well-written research problem?
8. Research problems can be identified by all but:
9. With the completion of baccalaureate education, the BSN nurse is prepared to:
10. Which of the following is a type of quantitative research?
11. Which of the following is a type of qualitative research?
12. The highest level of evidence used to support clinical decisions in nursing practice is:
13. The ___________ was established in 1989 to facilitate outcomes research.
14. clinical nurse researcher is analyzing twelve months of data following the implementation of a fall reduction program in a long term care facility. This type of research is:
15. A well-written research problem includes a description of all but.
16. Research problems are developed from:
17. Which of the following is a research purpose?
18. Which of the following is a research aim or objective?
19. Research questions in qualitative studies
20. A feasibility study is completed to determine if there are sufficient resources to conduct a study.
21. What is the relationship between post-operative infection rate and sterile dressing changes following cholecystectomy is a research purpose.
22. Quantitative research questions focus on the identification or description of the variables to be studied.
23. Replication of research studies may be conducted to determine if the findings are similar to previous studies.
24. Descriptive research is a type of qualitative research used to analyze events that have occurred in the past.
25. Match the type of research with the example:
a. Qualitative research

b. Intervention research

c. Quantitative research

d. Outcomes research

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