NURS 3046 Nursing Project


1. Planning person-centered care (approx. 700 words) During the simulation, Mr Shepherd’s health was impacted by three priority problems: 
1. Lower back pain associated with chronic osteoarthritis; 
2. Impaired safety: potential for aspiration due to decreased swallow response; 
3. Impaired safety: Increased falls risk related to altered level of consciousness and recent fall. 
Choose pa priority problem and:
a. Identify all health assessments, which were conducted (or should have been conducted) during your SIM experience, relevant to the chosen problem. Using current and relevant evidence briefly explain the underlying pathophysiology to justify why this assessment was appropriate / inappropriate.
b. Using current and relevant evidence discuss what additional health assessment data should have been collected during the episode of care and explain why.
c. State what the goal for care would be related to this problem, and discuss two evidence based independent nursing actions to meet this goal. 
2. Effective communication: documenting progress. Based on your findings from Question 1, use the SBAR framework to write a progress note in Mr Shepherd’s medical file related to the chosen priority problem.
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