NURS 3046 Nursing Project


Choose one of the issues listed below and write a opinion editorial that critically analyst the challenges with realising aspirations of the common good in your professional community, locally and globally.
• improving participation for indigenous communities (health, education or inclusiveness) 4E, smoking and access to government funded cancer treatment
• torture of detainees or political prisoners
• inequity in the distribution of educational resources
• relative lack of school choice and the segregation of students
• inadequate support for the professional development of teachers (or school leaders)
• developing a culture of dialogue and encounter rather than a culture of polarization (e.g., in relation to migrants, asylum seekers or refugees)
• online organisations (e.g., social media organisations) sharing data with firms in countries with human rights abuses
• the proliferation of nuclear weapons
• crackdowns on human rights lawyers or advocates
• “rapacious” Capitalism 
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