NURS 300 Professional Transitions In Nursing


The introduction requires the following information.

  • Statements about nursing theory in general
  • Identification of the ONE nursing theory (non-nursing theories are not allowed) selected by the student to be used within this assignment. The specific selected nursing theory may be from any of the three categories of nursing theory (i.e. grand, middle-range, or practice), but must be a specific nursing theory (i.e. Orem, Roy, Benner, etc.); a category may not be used.  
  • Identification of the sections of the paper.  
  • References from nursing literature are required.

Importance of Nursing Theory:

This section requires the following information.

Present an analysis of the importance of nursing theory, in general, to the nursing profession. Each of the following questions are to be answered.

o Why should the study of nursing theory be included in a master’s program?

o How is nursing theory useful to the nursing profession?

o How can nursing theory be used to separate the nursing profession from other healthcare professions?

o What would be ONE concern regarding the use of nursing theory within the profession?

Summary of Selected Nursing Theory:

This section requires the following information.

  • Present the name and author of the selected nursing theory (bibliographic and historical information about the theory or theorist is NOT included).  Identify when the nursing theory was initially published and the latest edition of the selected nursing theory.
  • Provide a summary of the key concepts contained within the selected nursing theory.
  • Provide a detailed description of how this nursing theory addresses each of the metaparadigms/ concepts (person, health, environment, and nursing profession) associated with nursing.   
  • Identify why this nursing theory selected and its potential use within the student’s selected Master’s track (i.e.  education, leadership, informatics, healthcare policy, or nurse practitioner)
  • References from nursing literature are required

Application of Specific Nursing Theory to Selected Professional Nursing Practice area:

This section includes the following elements:

  • Present a discussion of how the selected nursing theory defines and explains one of the following professional nursing practice areas:

o Education (e.g. undergraduate, staff development, etc.)

o Leadership (e.g. nurse executive, manager, leader, etc.)

o Informatics (e.g. data management, etc.)

o Healthcare policy (e.g. application to local, state, national, or global healthcare concerns, etc.)

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