NURS 300 Professional Transitions In Nursing


Why is conducting a formally written literature review important for BSN prepared nurses?
Nurses’ are required to possess excellent problem-solving skills to provide quality-nursing care. In addition, nurses must be able to use both logical and critical reasoning skills to coordinate and manage their patient’s nursing care. This required knowledge goes well beyond the day-to-day tasks.
Because nurses need to practice evidence-based care, they naturally are consumers of research. Nurses need to be able to compare and contrast, critically analyze and finally, synthesise study findings as presented in the literature.
BSN prepared nurses can go on to post-graduate education, and must be prepared adequately to do so, regardless if they wish to obtain a post-graduate degree or not.
Based on these facts, the major assignment in this unit is to conduct a literature review on a topic that is relevant to the transitioning nurse.
Narrative Literature Review Topic
While nursing is a profession dedicated to helping others, the highly charged nature of many of the environments in which nurses work can lead to situations where emotions boil over.
Incivility, bullying, and violence in the workplace are serious issues in nursing, with incivility and bullying widespread in all settings. 
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