NURS 217 Health Assessment


Control of Non-endemic Communicable Diseases

In 2009-2010, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed diagnosis of locally acquired dengue infection among residents of Key West, Florida (CDC, 2010). The diagnosis of dengue was prompted when an indexcase in New York was suspected for dengue with a recent travel history to Key West. This incidence pressed increased vector control measurements including an intense door-to-door campaign to find and eliminate mosquito breeding sites (CDC, 2012). The emergence of dengue and other communicable diseases in non-endemic regions emphasizes the necessity for strong surveillance.

For this Discussion,  select a recent example of an outbreak of a non-endemic communicable disease. Consider the event, the problems that were found, and how surveillance was used to monitor the event. In addition, think about the prevention and control activities used and the strengths and limitations of the response.

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