NURS 200 Evidence Based Nursing Research


Directions: Complete this module’s readings (carefully read Melnyk and the Letts’ Guidelines for Critical Review of Qualitative Studies (see Read section) and then upload a concise one to two-page document to turnitin link below after addressing the following:

  • Explain the major criteria for appraising the methodological rigor of qualitative evidence and how these appraisal criteria compare to those used for appraising the methodological rigor of quantitative evidence.
  • Identify one issue surrounding the evaluation of a qualitative study (e.g. type of qualitative study chosen, data collection procedures, ethical considerations, sampling strategy, data analysis techniques, disclosing researcher bias/role in research or etc.) which could lead to an erroneous conclusion about the trustworthiness of a qualitative study.
  • Explain how you will use qualitative evidence in your future practice.
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