NURS 1800 Historical Canadian Nurse Biography

Historical Canadian Nurse Biography [Value 10 % of final grade for Nursing 1800]

Choose one Canadian Nurse (from the list below) and write a three page maximum historicalbiography that includes the following information.

Content: Where and when was this person born/ lived? (Approximate dates may be all you can find). 0.5 mark

How and where were his/her training/ education/ knowledge obtained? 0.5 mark

Describe the social, economic and political context in which this person lived. Please be specific about the nursing role and the role of women during this time frame. For instance what did this nurse do as she/ he worked as a nurse? This piece is weighted the heaviest so I am looking for evidence of critical thinking and research excellence. 3 marks

What significant contributions did this person/group make to the profession of nursing? 1.5 marksFormat: Use at least 4 authoritative sources (references) 1.5 marks

Maximum of three written pages (marks will be deducted for more than three pages- no exceptions) I will not read any written work over three pages.



Paper must follow APA guidelines for construction of paper which includes double spacing, 12 font and proper paragraph formation. 1 mark

Title page and reference page are separate and must be in APA format 1 mark

Form and style: clarity, logical flow, organized 0.5 marks Grammar and spelling 0.5 marks

Total Marks 10


Canadian Nurses

Students will be asked to sign up for an individual listed below. There are 14 figures so pleaseno more than three students to research each person. Please sign up early if you wish to get yourchoice.

1. Lady Aberdeen

2. Edith Cavell

3. Saint Marie-Marguerite d`Youville

4. Ethel Gordon Fenwick

5. Ethel Johns

6. Jeanne Mance

7. Major Margaret C. MacDonald

8. Helen Mussallem

9. Georgina Fane Pope

10. Harriet Sloan

11. Elizabeth Smellie

12. Mary Agnes Snively

13. Shirley Stinson

14. A family member or friend who trained prior to 1960 in Canada

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