NURS 170 Nursing


Ensure that  paper includes, in addition to your researched material, a title, introduction, and conclusion.
Be certain that you support your findings with literature. If the marking guide states that literature support is required you must include it or a minimal grade will be given. Literature supports should be directly applicable and credible (i.e. peer reviewed articles, journal, or texts in which the authors are identifiable). Most general websites are not credible sources of research.
Be certain to include a “Resources” section at the end of this part in which you cite at least three (3) current resources.
Briefly described the procedure or trend/issue that impacts the medical-surgical client 
Compared the procedure or trend/issue with previous practise in medical-surgical nursing 
Described best-evidence, supported by literature, to the procedure or trend/issue that promotes the health of the medical-surgical client in the hospital or following discharge 
Identified areas for health teaching that promotes the health of the medical-surgical client, supported by literature.
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