NURBN3024 Nursing Practice 5



Demonstrate critical analysis of factors that influence student transition to beginning level professional nursing practise.


Please make for 10 minutes of Oral and ppt presentation.

Topic: Independent decision making, contemporary transitional factors that influences newly registered nurses.

Independent decision making,

Students MUST address the following three points related to the contemporary transitional factor in this paper using current literature:

WHAT- Describe the contemporary transitional factor that you believe will impact you in your first year of practice as a new graduate nurse and list with evidence.

WHY – Describe, discuss and analyse why the contemporary transitional factor occurs with evidence.

HOW – Discuss and analyse how the student as a new graduate nurse should address the transitional factor and why. (Quality of nursing and patient care with evidence).

For each oral presentation, students are expected to speak for no more than the allotted time (marks will    be deducted if the video is longer than 10 minutes). Students are to be professional in their own presentation (clothing), language and demeanor. Be mindful of background distractions and what your presentation and your background is telling your audience as you produce the video.

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