NURBN3020 Nursing People Living With Chronic Illness


1 Safe injecting rooms should be implemented Australia wide as preventative measure against accidental overdoses within the population of illicit drug users.

2 People who live with dementia should have the ability to access the dying with dignity policy that will come into place in 2019?

3 Stigmatisation of those with chronic illness happens not only within the community but also within the health professionals that care for those withchronic illness.

4 Many people who suffer with chronic pain are often refused the assistance, thus treatment they need, due to the stigmatisation of chronic pain.

5 Chronic obesity is becoming an overwhelming issue within Australia and worldwide. To assist with this Australia needs to legislate a “sugar tax”.

6 Should people with diagnosed mental health conditions be living within the community?

7 Are aged care facilities appropriate residential choices for young adults with chronic health conditions?

8 Should those with diagnosed mental health conditions or drug induced psychosis be automatically charged and then imprisoned for violence against health professionals

9 Is individual care coordination important in the management of a person living with chronic illness?

10 Do government funded smoking cessation programs work?

11 Can stress be described as having a critical role in the management of chronic illness?

12 Due to the lack of available organs for donation within Australia the government should introduce an “opt out” system for organ donation.

13 Does current healthy eating community education programmes impact on socialdeterminants of health?

14 Opioid use for chronic pain – help or hindrance?

15 Is income associated with chronic illness and quality of health?

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