NURBN2000 Transition To Nursing Studies


1. Students are required to discuss the physical and mental health components for the assessment.

2. Identify 4 major issues for Kevin Jones, his social history and provide a summary of your overall assessment of him. Ensure that you use ‘objective’ language. This would be similar to what you would write in nursing notes as an admission history.

3. Using the Nursing diagnosis section, select the three health nursing diagnosis that you think are a priority for Kevin and include the evidence from your assessment that supports this.

4. Now prioritise these 3 important nursing problems to formulate a nursing care plan for Kevin.

5. Develop a nursing care plan with rationale (referenced) and related interventions that could be implemented for Kevin.

6. Complete the evaluation sections of the care plan – identify ways that you could measure success in relation to each of these interventions.

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