NURBN1005 Introduction To Research And Evidence


  • assist with the development of effective research skills in collating and analysing relevant and quality material related to a contemporary nursing issue;
  • assist with the development of a theoretical and practical understanding of the research literature on a contemporary nursing issue. You will engage in a review of the literature on a contemporary nursing topic (see choice of topics below). The topic you choose for this literature review will be your topic for the group presentation. You will find and read a wide variety of scholarly sources on the topic, a minimum of ten (10) peer reviewed articles, and write a review of your readings, highlighting how the literature and research in the field inform your learning and future practice.

Topics – choose one topic from the list below

  • Should the digital health record be implemented for all patients?
  • Should a person living with dementia be involved in decision making regarding their healthcare?
  • Does animal testing still have a place in medical research?
  • Is euthanasia everybody’s right?
  • Should the use of medicinal marijuana be legalized?
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