NURBN1004 Determinants Of Health


You are to demonstrate an understanding of the complex elements that contribute to health status within a community.

During your fieldwork, you are to collect relevant observations out ‘in the field’ and statistical evidence.

People and Culture:

Element 1: History 

This element is about exploring the history of this community. When was it established? What determined the name? What significant buildings exist? How did the population come to be here? What was the community founded on- industry, geographic location, etc? What significant events has impacted on the development of this community today? How long have residents lived here- long term or transient population? Can you discover anything else that ‘paints a picture’ about the history of this community?

Element 2: Demographics 

For this element you are required to examine the type of people that make up your population. Here you may need to look at the larger population here (LGA data) to paint a true picture. Think about the spread of ages across the population- young /old, gender ratio, marital status, family units- single parent family/extended families in one dwelling, etc.

How does your population compare to other LGAs or to Victoria as a whole?

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