NURBN 3020 Context Of Practice


This  assessment  task  requires  you  to  submit  a  refective  journal  documenting  an experience that you have had on clinical placement with regard to caring for a person living with chronic illness. 

This will include critically analysing the student’s individual opinion on the chronic illness, identifying the needs of people living with chronic illness, their caregiver, family and wider community.

Reflection is a process of reviewing an experience of practice in order to describe, analyse, evaluate and so inform your learning about practice, building on your personal/professional knowledge base.

As a nursing student you see and experience many things both positive and negative when caring for patients.

When faced with a negative situation, re?ection and journaling can be useful to work through the feelings that it has evoked. It is often from these notations that positive changes in practice occur. Though on the other hand, often we forget to re?ect on the positive practice, those special moments when all went well, they also need to be recorded.

In your journal, you need to critically re?ect on your involvement with the person living with chronic illness, your initial opinion regarding how to care for a patient su?ering from a chronic illness, including their carers/family/signifcant others, and how this experience has impacted on you both personally and professionally. 

Your reflection should incorporate legal and/or ethical considerations, awareness of your role as a student in relation to the holistic nursing approach to the person with chronic illness and their signi?cant others.

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