NUR250 Medical Surgical Nursing 1



Part a : You are caring for Sally post-operatively. One of the nursing problems you identify is acute pain. One of your goals of care today is to make Sally as pain free as possible.


Four (4) different nursing actions or interventions to achieve this goal of care

Part b; For each nursing action or intervention you have identified above, explain why each is appropriate and how will help you achieve this goal of care today.

Part (c)

Identify two (2) indicators that will tell you your care plan to relieve Sally’s pain is effective


Frank is prescribed a diuretic for cardiac problems. When assessing Frank before administering the next dose, you note a low urine output and suspect hemay be hypovolaemic. Identify three (3) other clinical manifestations you might find on closer assessment

3: Frank, who has a history of coronary artery disease

, rings the bell for attention. When you come to his bedside he looks worried and tell you he doesn’t feel very well. You recognize that it is possible that he is experiencing angina and that an appropriate nursing action is to use the PQRST pneumonic to assess his pain What are the five (5) items you assess using the PQRST pneumonic?


While you are at Frank’s bedside, he reports increasing, more severe pain, becomes dyspnoeic, extremely anxious, diaphoretic, mottled and dusky in colour and less alert.(a)What conclusion would you make from these signs and symptoms? 

(b)What are 2 of your highest priority nursing diagnoses/problems at this point

(c)What are your first 4 immediate nursing actions or interventions?

D d)Identify 5 priority nursing assessments you will undertake once Frank is stable.

E Although Frank becomes stable after treatment, he is at risk of complications. Identify 2 potential complications you will be alert for over the remainder of your shift today.


you are assisting Robyn, who has a respiratory problem,

to have a shower. Robyn becomes breathless, her face becomes pale and her lips turn from bright to dusky pink. Identify 3 priority nursing actions you will implement at this point.

Once Robyn has recovered and completed her daily hygiene, she request assistance to get back into bed. What is the most appropriate position for Robyn to be nursed in and why?


You are caring for a person just admitted with a major burn. It is 6 hours after the burn injury.

Identify (a) The phase of burn management the person is currently in

  1. b) Five (5) high priority-nursing problems that you will document on the nursing care plan
  2. c) Explain what each of the nursing problems identified above is related to and why it is a key priority

7: Max has been admitted to your ward with increasing

Abdominal pain, nausea and abdominal fullness His abdominal x-ray in the emergency department showed distended intestinal loops and a possible fluid level. Since admission, his vital signs have been slightly elevated, his pain score is 2-3 but he is still feeling very full and bloated. The doctor has prescribed several broad spectrum antibiotics, including metronidazole and an anti-emetic and prn analgesia.

(a)What conclusion would you make from these signs and symptoms?

b) You recognize you need to assess Max’s abdomen and gastro-intestinal function. Identify: a Five (5) specific assessments you will do as part ot his assessment b. Why you will do them and what they will tell you


Explain when it is appropriate for a nurse to perform a focused assessment.

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