NUR2300 Evidenced Based Nursing Practice 5


To conduct a systematic review of primary research, using a PICO (T) formatted clinical research question. To provide evidence from clinical research to inform changes or improvements to nursing practice. Present this evidence as a written research report and annotated bibliography.
Step 1. Develop a research question, using the PICO (T) format. This question should be related to one of the key chronic conditions listed by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. It is recommended that once you have developed your research question, you consult with your tutor.
Step 2: Conduct a literature search looking for Three (3) primary research articles which answer your chosen question. These articles should be presented as an annotated bibliography at the end of your systematic review/ research report.
Step 3: Write a systematic review, research report which answers your clinical research question. The report should include the following information:
a) Research Question: Provide your research question and describe how you developed the question
b) Evaluation of research: Choose one primary research article and briefly write a critique of the research design, process, ethics and findings within the article. This section should demonstrate your understanding of research paradigms, methods and process.
c) Research Topic: Describe the research topic and how it relates to improving health outcomes for people with chronic conditions. (See National Strategic Framework for Chronic Diseases)
d) Literature Review: Discuss how the evidence you have found within the research literature (include all 3 articles plus any others) could make an impact on future
nursing practice and the health outcomes for patients/clients. This should be a dissemination of research findings and the implications for changes to practice.
e) Recommendation Future Research: Provide a recommendation for future research including a suggested research methodology and research methods.
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