NUR222 Health Law And Ethics



The goal of this assessment is to apply your theoretical understanding of legal and ethical principles to assess a clinical case study.
Health Law and Ethics Audio Recording:
Paired Assessment Format: Audio Presentation. Length: 15-minute audio recording and

Written Summary.

It is February 2019 and there is a zombie outbreak in Queensland that is threatening to spread globally.

In this task you are to consider the risks to, and responsibilities you have, to yourselves as clinical nurses, the risks to and responsibilities you and your employer have to your patients/clients and the wider community, the responsibilities you have to your employer and the responsibilities they have to you.
Your focus should be on the ethical and legal requirements discussed throughout this course. Pay close attention to workplace health and safety, the legal and ethical requirements to attend work/provide care, legal and ethical issues around infection prevention requirements, issues with presenteeism (people attending work while sick) and your legal and ethical responsibilities to yourself and your family. Remember that the appropriate professional standards and codes will also need to be considered.

You may choose one of the following settings:

What is the summary all about? The summary is a summary of your main points. It is not a transcript of the audio. It should cover your main points and provide the references that back up your discussion. It can be in essay format or short paragraphs. Dot points probably aren’t going support your argument well. Referencing is in Harvard style. Do not include a bibliography, it needs to be a reference list.
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