NUR2101 Chronic Care Across The Lifespan A


Nursing or social science peer-reviewed articles from literature searches; dictionaries and Drug Reference books can be used for information gathering but are NOT appropriate references; most “.com” and “.net” websites are not reliable sources.
Develop a concrete plan to improve the score of the question you selected for change. Make sure to include:
Why these indicators are important to hospitals/agencies – i.e. operations, finances, quality, safety. Discuss these questions with your unit leadership.
Why you selected the specific question. Include the score for the question you chose. Did you identify a gap in practice that needs improvement and could improve the score?
The specific steps in the plan you develop must include:
The proposed interventions and timeline for implementation of the interventions,
Time frame for measurement of results, be specific. Must be related to the metrics you would use to measure success of your plan
A brief description of any tools you identify that are to be used in the proposed plan and implementation,
How you will “promote” the plan to your manager and co-workers to gain support for the project
Your paper should reflect your synthesis of the literature you find with appropriate references to support your plan. This will involve investigating patient hospital experience literature and process improvement content and methods. 
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