NUR1299 Laboratory Attendance And Clinical Skills


Part 1. Laboratory Attendance and Participation.

Attendance at on campus clinical laboratory or residential school will be recorded and students awarded 5% marks for each laboratory session attended.

Part 2. Clinical skill self-reflection

For this part of the assessment, you are required to select three (3) skills from the list below to practice during your clinical laboratory or residential school.  Ask a fellow student to perform a peer appraisal using the appropriate appraisal form from the textbook (templates attached to Study Desk) and capture a minimum of 4 photos taken during the procedure to assist in the self-reflection.

You do not need to perfect the skills however you are expected to analyse the appraisal forms and the photos of your skill and based on your current knowledge write a 500 word self-reflection of what you did, what you may have forgotten, and how you could improve your practice. Submit the 3 Clinical Skills appraisal forms as 1 PDF document. The photos do not need to be submitted. No introduction or conclusion is required.

Students should select 3 skills from the following list (do not select 3 medication skills):

  • Bed bathing
  • Basic dressing technique
  • Staple/suture/clip removal
  • Medication administration (select either oral, rectal, topical)

Part 3. Clinical Care plan

For this part of the assessment, you are required to demonstrate your understanding of fundamental nursing cares The topics include:

  • mobility and falls
  • hygiene
  • pressure area and wound care
  • nutrition and elimination
  • sleep
  • psychosocial aspects

You are required to develop a 1000 word care plan incorporating all of the topics above for one of the simulated patients introduced during the clinical laboratory or residential school, (Please see the assignment resources attached to Study Desk, for the case studies and background for the simulated patients). As the patients are from different age and cultural groups, you need to plan the care using a patient-centred approach, based on the patient’s care needs. You will need to incorporate clinical interventions necessary to manage the care of the client within the specified context.  We encourage you to take a multidisciplinary approach and identify other health care providers (e.g. Physiotherapist) that may assist in providing comprehensive care. Make sure you include patient education aspects in your care plan (e.g., a client with diabetes may require education about diet and medications). Although a range of topics are discussed, many will overlap. The best example of this are the psychosocial aspects, which may be contributing to the patient’s illness.

Clinically, there are many different examples of care plans and/or clinical pathways. For this assignment, we have chosen a very simple one and have provided the template for you to use. (see Assignment resources)

An example care plan (using the nursing process) for Mrs Palmer is provided on Study Desk (see assignment resources).

  • Assessment/Cues: These can be based on the weekly topics, such as mobility and falls.
  • Problem: Issues identified
  • Planning/Implementation: The interventions you propose to address the problems/issues.
  • Evaluation: How will you measure the success of these interventions, describe a successful outcome/desired patient outcome. 

Do not copy and paste the information from this care plan to your own.

Part 4. Medication management module. Med+Safe

In this part of the assessment, students are required to complete the following assessments within the Med+Safe online module assessment (linked to Study Desk).

Medication ‘Rights’ – Tablet and Capsules

Medication ‘Rights’ – Oral Liquids

The Med+Safe learning materials and assessments will be open until the due date for the assessment. Students will receive a certificate on successful completion of the module assessment. Students may attempt the module assessments as many times as required to obtain the certificate of completion. Upload the certificate of completion (PDF) to the USQ Study Desk.

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