NUR1202 Professional Identity


Assessment description:

You are to write an essay, including an introduction and conclusion, The aim of this assessment, is to consider the following questions and discuss and analyse thefollowing key concepts:

John is a 69 year old gentleman of Italian heritage, who has come into hospital for a below knee amputation due to complications from his Type 2 Diabetes (18 years post diagnosis). He is retired and lives with his wife of 40 years and his daughter, son in law and their three young children in a three bedroom house in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. He has failing eyesight and has not had a job for the past 15 years due to his health problems. He is currently taking the medication to help manage his blood sugar (Metformin), however his blood sugars continue to be very high. John does not like taking his medication as he finds it expensive and does not believe it helps him maintain his blood sugars within a healthy range. He believes there is nothing he can do to manage his blood sugar levels and that the amputation was a natural progression of the disease state. He infrequently takes his blood sugars, and does not see the point in attending frequent doctor appointments again due to the cost. 
John’s son in law is the only one who brings an income into his household, and this must support John, John’s wife, his daughter and their children. With limited resources, it is important that John keeps his medical bills as low as possible. The family does enjoy spending time together and enjoy celebrating and connecting over meals. His son-in-law usually joins John in an evening after the family meal to drink wine and smoke cigars. Both men find this an important time to connect and relax after a long day. John socialises very infrequently with anyone else outside of his family, as his failing health and eyesight prevents him from being able to drive anymore.

Assessment Description- the aim of this assessment is to utilise the provided case study to answer Section A and Section B.

Section A explores the dimensions of patient centred care and Section B is a comparative discussion about biomedical and social model of care in relation to the case study. 
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