NUR1201 The Patient Experience And Partnering In Care



‘Preventing falls and harm from falls’ and ‘My health record’(e-health record).

Background Information

Reflection is a way of thinking and working for Registered Nurses and is useful in raising our conscious awareness of aspects.

This raised awareness about these aspects of care improves our understanding as nurses and assist us in directing action strategies that can improve both the patient and their family’s experience and the ‘partnering in care’ strategies that we utilise.

Improving the ‘patient care experience and partnering in care’ and using Gibbs Reflective cycle (1988) as a framework in combination with drawing upon relevant theory provides a foundation for nurses to operate from and as such is required for task.


View the Case Scenario Recording ‘The Age 75 Recording’

This Recording is located at the top of this study desk page within the white ribbon, under useful links: course recordings

After viewing the ‘patient experience and partnering in care’ case scenario recording – ‘The Age 75 Patient Experience and Partnering in Care’,Reflection using Gibbs Reflective Cycle (1988) as the framework.
Within your reflection aim to draw upon relevant literature/theory to help you analyse this patient experience with the goal to improve the care experience of patients and their families.

Relevant literature (theory) will support and strengthen your reflection.

Examples of relevant literature you could draw from would include:

Nursing philosophies that guide the application of nursing care practice, and other related theory such as the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards and partnering in care ‘action’ strategies. Aim to also include relevant theory linking to this patient experience topic – Preventing falls and harm from falls and My health record(e-health record).
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