NUR1102 Literacies And Communication For Health Care



For this assessment, you need to prepare and record yourself delivering a oral presentation 

Your specific tasks in Assignment 2 are to:

  1. Prepare a persuasive individual oral presentation covering the following main points:
  • From the provided Nursing Progress Note identify the effective verbal and nonverbal written communication strategies the nurse has adopted, to ensure the reader understands the current patient care status and the patient’s future transition care into the Toowoomba Aged Care Facility for the Aboriginal male patient named Charlie Mullagh. In your presentation also consider Mr Mullagh’s crisis care.

Explain and justify how you would use the grief and loss communication framework to frame the future transition care of My Mullagh into the Aged Care Facility you, as a nurse, would include in the nursing progress notes

you need to provide yourthesis statement. The thesis statement should include your justification of why the Nursing Progress Note is important and your use of the grief and loss communication framework is needed in Mr Charlie Mullagh’s transition care.

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