NUR1101 : Nursing Assignment On Wound Care


This assignment has been completed by myself, marked then sent back as failed. It needs to be changed or corrected where necessary. Extra info added where it lacks. The tutors has left comments the each copies on what is required. The assignment is on page 10, asking for Choose one of the phases of healing of which i chose inflammatory.our essay should include discussion of:

• Overall goals of the chosen phase of healing;
• Cellular processes that occur, including primary cells involved in this phase and their roles;
• Growth factors or cytokines and their roles during this phase;
• One factor (excluding diabetes as it is the topic of discussion of minor assignment 2) which may cause a wound to stall in this phase (the discussion of the one factor of your choice should constitute 30-40% of the total word count). Please ensure that your essay contains the following:
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