NUR 308 Concepts Of Professional Nursing Practice


The purpose of this project is to provide an opportunity to identify in conversations with other members of the nursing profession current issues in professional nursing practice.  To complete this project, the following steps should be completed:
1. Identify two nurses in administrative or managerial roles, and two nurses in direct patient care roles.  You will get the most out of this project if you identify these professionals across a range of administrative and practice settings, including some outside your own work setting.
2. Conduct a brief formal conversation with each of the 4 nurses you have identified, following the interview guide accompanying this document.
3. Compare and contrast across the 4 conversations similarities and differences in what was discussed.
4. Choose just one of the issues discussed and search for current literature on that issue.  Do others in the literature feel the same as the one or more nurses you had conversations with about the particular issue?
5. Create a powerpoint to present your project results to the class on Wednesday, October 17.  The powerpoint should be 8-10 slides, and should include:
a. A title slide
b. A description of the four nurses you had a formal conversation with (gender; approximate age; current role; current general practice setting [not the actual setting]
c. The range of professional nursing practice issues discussed
d. Comparisons in the professional nursing practice issues discussed
e. Contrasts in the professional nursing practice issues discussed
f. What the literature states about the one professional nursing practice issue you chose to explore further
g. What you learned from this experience
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