NSN701 Advanced Health Assessment


You need to: select a health assessment framework to guide your assessment, present your patients background and all data and identify four priority problems using evidenced-based literature to justify your assessment.
Part 1
Choose an assessment tool or framework that suits the needs of your patient and/or speciality area of clinical practice (see ‘some points to consider’ for framework examples). 
Provide a justification for your choice of health assessment framework. This justification needs to be supported by literature.
Select a patient (either upon admission or an in-patient for whom you care over a single shift). Identify at what stage of the patient’s admission your health assessment was undertaken in the introduction of your assessment item.
gain consent and then perform a thorough health assessment. 
Present the patient’s assessment data, include all findings, subjective and objective data logically and clearly. You may present this section under key areas/headings of your framework and then in bullet point form. 
Your assessment data should identify normal ranges for this health area and highlight pertinent findings/observations (use italics to highlight).
It is expected that you use appropriate literature to support your claims.
Part 2
Identify all the patient’s actual and potential problems, within reason. 
Select the most important four problems based on the assessment data gathered in Part 1. 
Justify and explain why these are priorities for the patient, using the data you have collected and evidence-based literature. 
Include a copy of the health assessment framework in your submission (this will not be included in your word count).
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