NSM5RFN Research Foundations


Select a research article of interest to you and relevant to your field of practice.

Critical Review – Quantitative Studies

© Law, M., Stewart, D., Letts, L., Pollock, N., Bosch, J., Westmorland, M., (1998), McMaster University (Adapted)

Outline the purpose of the study. How does the study apply to nursing/midwifery and/or your research question?

Research question:

Are combined effect of music therapy and cold therapy suitable in reducing pain after Chest tube removal in patients?

Describe the study design. Was the design appropriate for the study question? (e.g., for knowledge level about this issue, outcomes, ethical issues, etc.)

Specify any biases that may have been operating and the direction of their influence on the results.

Sampling (who; characteristics; how many; how was sampling done?)If more than one group, was there similarity between the groups?

Describe ethics procedures. Was informed consent obtained?

Specify the frequency of outcome measurement (i.e., pre, post, follow-up)

Provide a short description of the intervention (focus, who delivered it, how often, setting). Could the intervention be replicated in nursing/midwifery practice?

What were the results? Were they statistically significant (i.e., p < 0.05)? If not statistically significant, was study big enough to show an important difference if it should occur? If there were multiple outcomes, wasthat taken into account for the statistical analysis?

What wasthe clinical importance of the results? Were differencesbetween groupsclinically meaningful? (if applicable)

What did the study conclude? What are the implications of these results for nursing/midwifery practice? What were the main limitations or biases in the study?

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