NSG3NCR Consolidation Reflective Clinical Practice


In completing this assessment task, you will need to provide answers to the following questions / content areas*:
1. What is a key area that you can focus on to improve practice in your clinical environment?
a. What is the key problem?
b. Why is it a problem and area of focus?
2. Summary of what is known about the current problem (quick review of the literature)
3. What do you wish to achieve by focusing on this problem?
a. What is your planned key outcome(s)?
4. How will you address this problem?
a. What will your project do?
5. What are the ethical considerations of your project?
a. Note: If this project requires ethical approval from your institution you will need to find a different project
6. How will your project be reported?
Choosing your project
What kind of project would I like to develop?
An education package for patients
Proposed project: ” I am going to develop an education package for newly diagnosed diabetes patients to reduce incidence of hypoglycaemia by educating the signs & symptoms and management of hypoglycaemia.”
In order to complete your first assignment you will need to:
Your first step is to introduce the context area for your project.
You will need to explain your topic and provide an introduction to your paper as a whole. In addition to a general introduction this section will need to identify
1. The problem
2. The type of project you will implement
Evidence of Reflection and Analysis (approx. 300 words)
Your second step is to explain why this is an important topic. This section should refer to the literature around your topic, analyse the key issues and demonstrate the value of your project and the planned outcomes.
Demonstration of a project plan focused on transforming practice. Project plan shows evidence of ethical consideration and ability to implement it
The final part of your assignment should be broken into three areas.
1. Describe your proposed project, including how you intend to implement and evaluate your project. ( Do education pamphlet) Describe how you intend to report on your project outcomes – it might be appropriate to submit your report in the form of a draft journal paper or an educational seminar that you present to a suitable audience.
2. Ethical Considerations. Although you will most likely need permission to undertake your project within your clinical setting, your project must not require ethical clearance from the relevant authorities (i.e. your institution or La Trobe University) in order to be completed. Nevertheless, even in very simple projects, there are ethical considerations of which we must be mindful. Describe any real or potential ethical issues that may arise during the planning, implementation, evaluation and reporting of your project. Discuss your strategies for managing these ethical issues and identify how you will minimise risk to others within this project. Example: Education pamphlet resources? Veracity? Is the information evidence based? How true or reliable it is?
3. Assignment Conclusion. Summarise your assignment as a whole.
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