NSG3EPN Professional Practice


Written reflective piece addressing contemporary practice issues relating to each of the five subject modules

Clinical Governance 

‘Consumer participation is about improving the way services are delivered by increasing awareness and understanding of the consumer perspective, their needs, what matters most to them in their journey through the health system and how the systems and processes of care can be designed to enhance their participation, experience and health outcomes. It is also about understanding, and working with consumers’ expectations of their health care’ (Victorian clinical governance framework 2017, p.13).

In this module you are required to;

  • Identify and describe two ways in which consumers can actively participate in shaping health service delivery.
  • As a registered nurse, describe how you can increase consumer participation in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the care you deliver.

Use evidence from the literature to support your strategies.

Quality and Safety 

Safety and quality is everyone’s business. It is an integral part of improving patient care and reducing the risk of harm.

In this module you are required to;

  • Identify one of the 10 standards from the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (2012).
  • Identify and describe the major risk associated with that standard. This might include:
  • What is the potential outcome if best practice is not adhered to?
  • What is the incidence/prevalence?
  • How will this effect patient outcomes?
  • Identify and describe two strategies that you may employ as a registered nurse to improve patient outcomes for this standard.

Leadership and Management 

This module requires you to complete the Leadership Skills Inventory and reflect upon your result.

In light of your results, please answer the following;

  • Identify and explore two leadership skills that Registered Nurses must bring to their role? Use evidence from the literature to support why these skills are important.
  • As a result of the inventory, describe one skill that you would like to further develop and briefly identify the strategies that you might use to achieve this.

Use evidence from the literature to support your assertions.

Organisational culture 

As a registered nurse, you are be responsible for your own learning and professional development.

In this module, you are required to;

  • Identify the defining characteristics of a learning culture.
  • Describe two ways in which you, as a registered nurse, may contribute to a culture of learning within your organisation.

Use evidence from the literature to support your assertions.

Professional practice 

There are many potential sources of stress when working as a registered nurse. Developing and implementing coping strategies to manage stress is an important skill for all nurses.

In this module you are required to;

  • Define one of the following terms – role conflict OR role ambiguity – discuss the impact that the chosen concept may have on a registered nurse
  • Identify and describe two self–care strategies that you will employ to facilitate you staying emotionally and physically well.

Use evidence from the literature to support the effectiveness of these strategies. 

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